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A traditional love of service and perfection for centuries
rewarded to travelers across Japan embodied in the the
philosophy of “omotenashi”.

An authentic brand of Japanese hospitality that provides unrivalled attention to detail and the anticipation of all our guests needs.
At Kirara we aim to maintain the rich Japanese heritage while looking forward to the future.
Traditional rituals of the onsen, kaiseki dining and subtle touches such as tatami floors, yukata dress and geta slippers are incorporated into a stylish contemporary Ryokan design.

Hot spring tranquillity

With privacy and peace at the core of the ryokan idea, each of the 14 bedrooms comes complete with an outside Onsen bath where you can relax and rejuvenate. Kirara also features
spacious communal male and female thermal Onsen pools giving naturally heated water, kept at a comfortable 36C to 38C.

Onsen heritage

Dating back since the Edo Period, Onsen culture and the ritual of bathing in hot springs has played an essential part of Japanese society heralding from Japanese the mythical connection of water, rebirth and cleansing.
Japanese legend relates how Izanagi, the male god who created the world with his wife, Izananami, bathed to purify himself, creating gods and goddesses from his tears,wet body, and clothes.

Onsen ritual

Now seen as traditional health and wellness therapy enjoyed all over Japan, the Onsen still maintains strict etiquette and embodies the polite culture of Japan. Bathers typically must shower and wash before entering the Onsen and remove all clothes except for the small vanity towel provided.
Historically many onsens forbade tattoos due to ties with Japanese Yakuza gangs; however, in this day and age Ryokan, Kirara welcomes all.

Natural perfection

The connection between Ryokan's and nature is apparent in design, food and simplicity.
Ryokan Kirara is situated on a mountainside overlooking the Yufuin Valley and snowcapped Mount Yufu surrounded by picturesque natural Japanese gardens and burgundy forested slopes that change with the seasons.
Kissed by the sunshine, it is a bright and airy Ryokan created with natural tones and materials that complement the surrounding natural beauty, peace and calmness.

Outdoor firepit packages

Kirara features a unique outdoor fire pit area that is ideally placed for enjoying sunset drinks overlooking the Yufuin vista and after dinner evening relaxation. Special campfire toasting delights can be arranged and an excellent selection of Japanese whiskeys, sakes, wines and snacks available from the restaurant staff.


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